My name is Orna Golan, an Artist & designer from Jerusalem Israel.
Almost two decades ago I embarked on a journey to the Himalayan region of Kashmir, where I was introduced to the incredible world of Kashmiri arts. Captivated, I started to work with local artists to design the finest Kashmiri shawls and arts in rare, magnificent and unique colors and designs, working with the regions best artists.

Specializing in the Design, & manufacturing of Fine Kashmiri Wool, Pashmina, & Silk Shawls, Hand Painted & Crafted Papier Mache Arts, Hand Embroidered Cushion Covers & Rugs, Hand made Leather Bags, Hand Carved Whole Walnut Wood Art, & The Absolute Best Pure Kashmiri Saffron! With uncompromising emphasis on quality, & Adherence to fair trade rules at competitive manufacturing rates, we aim to offer our costumers the very best, Enjoy!

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